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SABRE 2 in 1 Stun Gun With Flashlight & Belt Holster-Black

Stay safe with the SABRE 2-in-1 Stun Gun. With a 1.60 µC charge, this SABRE stun gun is powerful, producing 'intolerable pain' and empowering you with extreme stopping power when you need it most. It includes a 120-lumen LED flashlight.
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SABRE 2 in 1 Stun Gun With Flashlight & Belt Holster-Black

For maximum accessibility, this stun gun features a belt holster, making it easy to access in high stress situations when seconds count. The soft-touch outer shell is designed with a comfortable, rubberized grip that makes it easy-to-hold. Rest easy knowing you can get multiple uses out of this rechargeable stun gun thanks to its built-in plug, saving the expense and time of battery replacements. The strength of SABRE stun guns are independently tested to ensure reliable protection when you need it most.

  • Personal Protection You Can Trust: SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers and a leader in the personal safety category; The strength of SABRE stun guns are independently tested to ensure reliable protection when you need it most
  • Extreme Stopping Power: Stun gun delivers a painful 1.60 µC (Microcoulombs) charge to maximize your self-protection when faced with an attacker; the safety switch prevents accidental discharge. A rubberized grip helps to secure your hold on your stun gun
  • Light Your Way To Safety: A Bright 120-lumen LED flashlight lights your path in the dark, helping you to complete everyday tasks such as walking the dog to helping you navigate unexpected emergencies such as a power outage
  • Convenient and Easy to Carry: Built-in rechargeable battery allows multiple uses and power when you need it. The compact stun gun includes a holster to discreetly and easily store in a purse or loop on a belt for instant access
  • Stay Safe with Free Safety Training: Feel secure with every SABRE product; Packaging includes links to free training videos so that, in the face of danger, you are better prepared to use your SABRE Stun Gun

What is a stun gun? 

A stun gun is a highly effective self defense tool for men and women that emits electrical currents. The resulting charge can cause the target to experience pain and become disoriented, allowing you with a chance to get away to safety.  

How Is a Stun Gun's Strength Measured?

Stun guns can induce pain through the quantity of electrical charge that is transmitted to the body. This is measured through microcoulombs, the only true measurement of a stun gun's strength. 

Some stun guns claim extremely high voltage - up to 100 million volts. While this sounds impressive, voltage measures the force of the electrical current, which does not indicate the pain induced to the target. On top of that, the maximum voltage that can be reached for the standard size of stun gun is 30,000.

According to the National Institute of Justice, with microcoulombs at 0.5, subjects reported pain, and intolerable pain was reported at 1.0 microcoulombs. That's why all of SABRE's stun guns produce at least 1.0 microcoulombs of electrical charge.

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